DILEMMAS- Two Short Plays about Major Dilemmas

The Acorn Studio, Hampshire, PO144BG
Wed 22nd May 2019

What's Left Of The Flag
New recruit Yossi has just graduated from the Mossad training academy in Tel Aviv, the Midrasha, and is sent to Dublin on his first mission. He’s teamed up with, soon to retire, veteran feild agent Jacob, who is on his last mission. As the minutes tick away and the target nears Yossi discovers that a conscience is a luxury he can no longer afford. A spy with a dilemma and a job to be done but what would you do?

London’s finest physician, at the peak of his career, is on the horns of a dilemma – having discovered a miracle cure for tuberculosis, should he treat a penniless fellow doctor or save a talented yet unscrupulous artist? A keen-eyed examination of medical morals and malpractice, The Doctor’s Dilemma is a witty, compassionate and timely classic by master playwright, George Bernard Shaw.
Google map static shot of The Acorn Studio, Hampshire, PO144BG
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