No Man's Land

Two plays about the role of women in WW1.

Victim Always Dies
During World War One there was a desperate shortage of nurses. Women of the V.A.D, the Voluntary Aid Detachment were recruited to help. They played an invaluable role in the war effort and saved many lives. This play tells the story of two middle class young women who volunteered for the VADs. In the typical black humour of the troops VADs were referred to as 'very active dusters' or 'victims always dies'.

The Canary Girls
Almost all of the thousands of artillery shells and millions of bullets fired by the British Armed Forces in World War One were made by women. The chemicals used to make munitions were toxic and turned the hair green and the skin yellow, as a result the workers were nicknamed 'canary girls'. Some workers fid from the poisons and many were killed in explosions. Set against the background of the battle of the Somme this play tells the story of a young munitionette.
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