The Great Barn, Hampshire, PO15 5RB
Tue 28th May 2019

Best Friends Valentine and Proteus are in love, but fickle Proteus likes Valentine’s girl Silvia-Poor Julia sets out to sort things out! Valentine elopes gets caught and banished…confused?

What are the chances that Valentine will be pursued by Silvia, and Silvia by Proteus, and Proteus by Julia, and that all will be waited upon – after a fashion – by their servants Speed and Launce and even Launce’s dog, Crab? This riotous production is led by a joyful ensemble of players who will delight with songs, romance, music and chaos, and hurl Shakespeare’s anarchic comedy into the wonderful setting of Verona Aka The Great Barn the perfect place to see Shakespeare’s work performed.

Google map static shot of The Great Barn, Hampshire, PO15 5RB
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