Folk at the Rooms with Bird in the Belly and Callum Gardner.

Assembly Rooms, Hants, GU34 1AB
Sat 7th September 2019
Bird in the Belly is a collective is made up of solo artist Jinnwoo, folk duo Hickory Signals and instrumentalist Tom Pryor.  They have spent 12 months recording songs and stories that have either never before been recorded or are rarely recorded - all set to contemporary folk music, in the hopes of reintroducing these songs back into the folk canon. The resulting debut album 'The Crowing' was released March 2018 to critical acclaim, with the Sunday Express calling it “album of the year”  

Drawing influence from blues, jazz and soul 23 year old singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Callum Gardner has performed over 100 shows in the capital. Expect intricate acoustic arrangements combined with growling vocals, perceptive lyrics and groovin' blues-ridden guitar lines.
“Great fans here at Success Express, Callum is not just a talented and original songwriter with interesting jazzy chords and thoughtful lyrical content but he stands out above so many solo artists in being a truly accomplished musician.” - Lorraine Solomons, Success Express Music

Google map static shot of Assembly Rooms, Hants, GU34 1AB
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