Conquest Productions: Canary Girls

Conquest Theatre, Herefordshire, HR7 4HU
Thu 20th June 2019
Conquest Productions
Canary Girls written by Paul Murray
During WWI the brave women of the UK took on many roles, this included the manufacture of the munitions that were sent to the front line. One such factory was based right here in Hereford, at Rotherwas. 
Paul Murrays' story brings you a snapshot of the day to day lives of the workers, the women who were brave enough to carry out this dangerous and very important job, and their managers. Risking their lives on a daily basis, working with explosive materials and chemicals which turned their skin yellow and earned them their name 'Canary Girls'.
June 20 21 22 7.30 pm £10 £8
Google map static shot of Conquest Theatre, Herefordshire, HR7 4HU
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