Hani Mojtahedy: Melodies from the Middle East

Each year Hellensmusic brings an exceptional artist and musician from a different genre to open up our ears to new sounds.

Hani Mojtahedy, the Kurdish singer-songwriter, with her charisma and beauty, has been a voice for women, and for her people for years. She comes to play with four great classical musicians, that you have grown to know through the years, in a novel challenge for Hellensmusic. She will perform themes from her work, passing from women rights to the misfortunes of history, from love and happiness to tragedy and mourning.

Truly a romantic evening for anyone of any age who loves a haunting melody, a gorgeous voice, and an outstanding artist’s delight in sharing her gifts!

Diltengi: A song about nostalgia and the feelings of homesickness
Xoshawisti: A complaint of love and disappointment
Chawarwani: Passionate anticipation to meet the one who is gone again.
Gulbarin: Nature and spring and the connection which they have with women and creation.
Shepoli shet: A rebellious woman who can’t be harness even though she is in love.
Ashyaneh: An old Persian love song.
Barun: An improvisation based on old Persian songs.
Mirage: an ultimate reflection of the paradoxes of growing up in the contemporary world, for a Middle Eastern woman.
Cham Sia: A journey to ancient Kurdish music’s origins, with a new interpretation.

Hani Mojtahedy  voice
Julien Quentin  piano
Markus Daünert  violin
Máté Szücs  viola
Bruno Delepelaire cello


Forthcoming Dates
Hani Mojtahedy: Melodies from the Middle East St Bartholomew's Church