Adrian Tinniswood OBE ~ Behind the Throne – A Domestic History of the Royal Household

Thu 6th June 2019
Whitelackington Village Hall, Ilminster, TA19 9EF
From the first Elizabethan age to the second, Adrian’s book reveals Britain’s monarchs as seen through the eyes of those who kept their secrets. It is a history of family life. The families concerned were royal families – but they still had to get up in the morning. They ate, entertained their friends and worried about money.

“Behind the Throne” is nothing less than a reconstruction of life behind the throne. Henry VIII kept tripping over his dogs; George II threw his son out of the house, and James I had to cut back on the drink bills. Find out what it was like to dine with queens, and walk with kings.
Google map static shot of Whitelackington Village Hall, Ilminster, TA19 9EF
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