Creative writing for well being - Grief and loss.

Keighley Library, Keighley, BD21 2AT
Tue 25th June 2019
The first of our Libraries Connected (Yorkshire and Humber) funded courses will be starting in our libraries soon.
These six week writing courses will explore the therapeutic benefits of creativity, specifically writing, and connecting with the self and self expression.
This will be a creative space to share thoughts and feelings through guided writing for wellbeing activities, explore your personal responses and develop your creative practice, no previous writing experience required, spelling and grammar are unimportant and these courses suitable for beginners and the more experienced writers alike as we will be exploring the process of writing and connecting with experience.
These courses are free of charge.

Living with grief and loss.
Keighley Library 6 weeks starting Tuesday 25th June 10am -12pm
Google map static shot of Keighley Library, Keighley, BD21 2AT
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