7th Century Girl Power Kent's 7th century Royal Saints, a talk by John Bailey

In the early 7th century Kent was the principal Kingdom and its monarchs acted as overlords as far as the Humber. While the kings were getting up to “manly” things and tended to not last that long, the princesses, queens and dowager queens held great political and moral power and used this to advance the Christian faith. During this period Kent's Princesses and Queens founded monastic churches, were regents
to their sons, and helped found Christian Kingdoms far beyond the boundaries of Kent.

Come and learn more about these remarkable women who held great power and authority John is an Accredited Architect in historic Building Conservation, a speaker and former Chairman of Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings and Surveyor of the Fabric for Rochester, Guildford and Wakefield Cathedrals. He is a keen historian and has a wealth of knowledge of and keen personal interest in events and historic buildings. His previous talk about the secrets of St Marys architecture was a brilliant evening full of fascinating insight into the architecture of St Marys and great humour. Informative and great fun!

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