The Tin Soldier

The Barlow, Lancashire, BL7 0AP
Fri 22nd February 2019
A Young boy receives a one-legged toy soldier for his birthday. The toymaker had run out of tin whilst making him! Nevertheless the soldier is brave and steadfast and strong. In the playroom he sees a music box ballerina spinning on one leg and instantly falls in love with her. However, a jealous Goblin jack-in-the-box throws the soldier out of the playroom window. The soldier then sets off on an adventure to get back to his ballerina. But will he make it, or will the jealous goblin thwart his every attempt at happiness? Filled with wonderful puppetry, multimedia and live music, this is a magical family story not to be missed.  Suitable for ages 4 - 11.

Refunds available up to 48 hours before performance
Google map static shot of The Barlow, Lancashire, BL7 0AP
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