When Did You Stop Dancing

A story that explores how we interact with public space and each other in 2018. Told with tenderness and some truly, terrible jokes.

It’s about female uprising, peaceful protest, what it means to take a stand; and what it means to stand together.

Germany 1518, Frau Troffea is frustrated and angry. So angry she stops baking and starts dancing in the street.

Then her neighbour joins in, quite unexpectedly. Then some acquaintances join in. And before you know it 400 people are dancing in the street. And so begins the ‘plague of dancing’, perhaps the first ever recorded Flash Mob …and the first with deadly consequences.

500 years later What a Little Bird Told Me return to Frau Troffea’s civil action playfully exploring how the simple process of dancing allows us to be freer in a complex way.

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