Alice In Wonderland

The Gregson Centre, Lancaster, LA1 3PY
Sat 24th August 2019
An invitation to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party begins an adventure into Wonderland with all our favourite characters from this much loved classic book.  The White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and of course, the Queen of Hearts and her army of cards!

It's not easy to get where you're going in a land where everything is not as it seems. Will we make it to the tea party on time?

Pyjama Drama Interactive Performances have no props and no costumes but you will be amazed at the power of your children's imaginations! With original songs and games, they will be transported into a magical world where we take on every danger and of course, we always win.  Children have always used imaginary worlds to build confidence, they know this works and they love it when a grownup joins in with them. Every interactive performance contains a child who doesn't normally join in, but loves this.  And some children like to sit back with their loved ones and enjoy the show and that's okay too.
Google map static shot of The Gregson Centre, Lancaster, LA1 3PY
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