Cinema - A United Kingdom

(2016 - Czech/UK/USA/France) [12A] - 113 mins  

Well, yes, here we go again!  And yes, they are all back: Streep, Brosnan, Cher, Imrie, Walters, Firth...

It is five years since the events of Mamma Mia.  Sophie plans to re-open the renovated Hotel Bella Donna with a party reuniting her family and friends.  Nearly 30 years earlier, a young Donna ventured on a life-changing summer holiday that lead her to the Greek island of Kalokairi and the three loves of her life - any of whom might be Sophie’s dad!

Directed by Ol Parker.

The Market Theatre, Ledbury, Hfds. on Wednesday 13 March 2019
Doors Open at 9:30AM
Starts at 10:30AM
Ticket Price: £3.00 - £6.00