Birmingham Conservatoire Folk Ensemble

Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek, ST13 6AD
Thu 26th May 2016

“The atmosphere was so strong that after a very short journey home I already miss it like I can not describe. I am a very lucky man to have witnessed what I just have. To manoeuvre the audience and encapsulate each and every one of us the way the CFE did leaves me gob smacked and short of words…You MUST, MUST see this to understand just how fantastic it is.” – The Sentinel

"Tremendously exhilarating and joyously life-affirming…"

"You MUST, MUST see this to understand just how fantastic it is."

Joe has been the director of the Conservatoire Folk Ensemble since 1998 and has built the band in to a 50-piece touring entity in it's own right. The power of this ensemble that can have up to 100 members depending on the venue has to be seen to be believed. They released a DVD in 2007, the Album "Sardines" in 2009 and a live album in 2014. The Annual UK tour takes place at the end of May or start of June each year. Apart from being an incredible show for the audience, the ensemble has become something of a training ground for the young folk generation, many of the stars of the folk scene today having been members. In the summer of 2014 the Folk Ensemble took the stages of Cropredy and Towersey by storm... don't miss them in 2015!

Google map static shot of Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek, ST13 6AD
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