The Birth of Lewes Theatre Club

Lewes Little Theatre (Foyer), Lewes, BN7 2PX
Sun 7th April 2019 2:30PM
Paul Myles will describe the origins of the club through the dramatised correspondence between J.M.Keynes, the acclaimed economist and Father Kenneth Rawlings, rector of St. Michael's and founder of Lewes Theatre Club.

The letters between the two men illustrate the local tensions and political undercurrents of the immediate pre-war years and the struggles of Rawlings and others to find a home for his real love, Lewes Players.
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Doors Open at 1:45PM
Starts at 2:30PM


Lewes Little Theatre (Foyer), Lewes, BN7 2PX

Google map static shot of Lewes Little Theatre (Foyer), Lewes, BN7 2PX

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