A WOMAN JUDGE (1962) - Korean Cinema Echoes

Deptford Cinema, Lewisham, SE8 4PQ
Tue 18th September 2018

Once a month, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre, we proudly hold free screenings of classic and contemporary films from the peninsula. We conclude our 2018 season (😭) with a once believed lost and recently rediscovered 1962 melodrama, and the 2nd ever female-directed Korean film. Introduced by Johan Hallstrom, student in Film Curation at Birkbeck University.


A young, determined woman, Jin-suk, has her mind set on becoming a judge. Encouraged by her father who sends her off to a monastery to focus on her studies, and despite her mother’s fervent efforts to marry her off to a wealthy suitor, Jin-suk defiantly follows her own path. With those around her doing nothing but oppose and obstruct, should she relent and follow the route society expects of her, or can she go against all odds and fulfil her dream? 

Hong Eun-won, the second woman in Korea to direct a film, said that she was “...interested in making films that depicted the lives of women, but seen through a woman’s eyes rather than imagined by male writers and directors.” In taking this approach, Hong boldly challenged both the melodramatic portrayals of women in Korean cinema of the time, and the directorial world that remains to this date monopolised by men.

Doors open at 7.30pm

Programme start at 8pm

  • dir. Hong Eun-won
  • year. 1962
  • country. South Korea
  • run-time. 87  mins
  • rating. 15
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