Slices of French Cinema - Spring Season, II : That Man from Rio, a film by Philippe de Broca

Deptford Cinema, Lewisham, SE8 4PQ
Mon 15th May 2017

Courtesy of L'Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, Deptford Cinema presents: 


              That Man from Rio, a film by Philippe de Broca, 1964

       That Man from Rio, 1964, is an unequaled canonical film of French adventure cinema. […].
The film is the cinematographic counterpart of Hergé’s 'The Adventures of Tintin': clear production design and photography that enhance the Brazilian natural scenery and urban settings between colorful favelas, lavish jungle and the modern and monumental architecture of the city of Brasilia; non-stop adventures, chases and action that lug our hero around between Paris and Rio in search of his fiancée that was abducted by mysterious individuals; McGuffin (the theft of precious archeological objects), an excuse to spark an engaging storyline with stunts and villains worth those of the best James Bond films […]; a female character as shocking as she is irresistible (the beautiful Françoise Dorléac) and who reminds both of the misogyny of the Nouvelle Vague […] and of the eccentric ingénues of Hollywood screwball comedies. 

In France, this coming-and-going between the dandyism of the Parisian borough of Saint-Germain and tributes to American cinema, B movies and comic strip, and between virtuosity and popular appeal was acclaimed nowhere but in the other films of Philippe de Broca, almost as good as L’Homme de Rio, such as Tribulations of a Chinaman in China or The Man from Acapulco. Nonetheless, almost twenty years after, Spielberg will draw his inspiration from L’Homme de Rio in the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which borrows some episodes of it, themselves inspired of American series of the 1940s. […] Only, L’Homme de Rio is much more gracious, full of twists and amusing than the first of the adventures of Indiana Jones, and every moment […] is a source of pleasure and delight. (Olivier Père, March 2017)

Title: That Man from Rio

Director: Philippe de Broca

Running time: 120min

Age Restriction: None

Google map static shot of Deptford Cinema, Lewisham, SE8 4PQ
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