Something Must Break (2014) - a Framing Queers screening

Deptford Cinema, Lewisham, SE8 4PQ
Sun 4th August 2019
  • dir. Ester Martin BERGSMARK
  • year. 2014
  • country. SWEDEN
  • run-time. 85 mins

Award winning documentarian Ester Martin Bergsmark’s Stockholm set feature debut visually equal parts grit, dirt and natural beauty allows us to accompany protagonist Ellie a closeted young trans women as she embarks upon a raw and fraught love affair with the fiercely straight identifying cis Andreas while never existing for or being in audiences service.

Intensely personal this bruised and intelligent romance articulates the innately invasive command of bigotry in a world without question steeped in transphobia, the ways in which it travels, shapes, destructs and the shadow it casts on every experience even those of the most universal kind.

Something Must Break is the shamefully rare but hugely vital film to portray trans characters which is actually made by and to star trans and non-binary people, a distinction that speaks volumes but is also a reminder of the continued monopoly of media which fetishises or commodifies trans narratives.

~~~~ Framing Queers manifesto ~~~~
The confrontational and joyous, trashy and high-minded, transgressive and sly, toe-curling and bone-chilling - Framing Queers sets out to screen and bring new audiences to queer and LGBT cinema in all its disruptive glory, in particular radical, global, and neglected work from throughout its history.

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