Videodrome (1983) - 35th Anniversary Screening

Deptford Cinema, Lewisham, SE8 4PQ
Wed 31st October 2018

Directed by David Cronenberg | Starring James Woods, Debbie Harry, Sonja Smits, Peter Dvorsk | Rating: 18 | 1983 | Canada | 87 mins

James Woods stars as Max Renn, a television executive looking for fresh new content for his TV channel when he stumbles on Videodrome, an illegal snuff show that induces sexual, violent impulses in its viewers. As Renn and his girlfriend Nicki (Debbie Harry) search for the source, Renn enters a mysterious world of sadomasochism and shocking physical transformations. 

A mind-bending sci-fi-horror exploration of how technology can create a world neither fantasy nor reality, hailed by Andy Warhol as "the Clockwork Orange of the 80s” and featuring special effects from legendary make-up artist Rick Baker, Videodrome is as provocative and startling as it was 35 years ago.

“Videodrome feels more relevant today than ever. David Cronenberg’s erotically-charged social satire is a cautionary tale for the internet age” – Little White Lies
"Cronenberg has always crossed the line between taste and distaste with his combinations of vile glop-horror and social criticism, and this is no exception" - Time Out
“Impossible to adequately categorise…. You won't forget Videodrome in a hurry” – Empire
"Its dense mysteries remain more tantalizing than distancing: No other director integrates the creepy with the cerebral quite like Cronenberg... Videodrome hasn't aged a bit" - AV Club
“Cronenberg’s richest film… The film implicates us, and forces us to ask the same questions of ourselves” – Den of Geek

Doors - 6.30pm

Film - 7pm

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