Ghost Tour Llanyrafon Manor

Tour one - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Tour two - 9pm to 11pm

Each tour will last around two hours.

On each tour we will:-

  • Give the guests a tour of the manor
  • Give a small equipment demonstration
  • In each room the guests will hear about the history and haunting of that particular room and area
  • Also throughout the tour the guests will hear about the general history of the manor and area.
  • The guests will have the chance to try out experiments used on paranormal investigations. These are:-

  1. Human Pendulum - guests in a circle holding hands and another guest is stood in the middle from here we will attempt to use the combined energies to speak to the spirits via sensations such as noises, smells and cold spots.
  2. EVP Sessions - An audio recorder is set up and questions are asked out to the room by hosts and guests and then the audio is played back to see if there is any response.
  3. Live EVP sessions - same as above but the recording will be done via audio software on a laptop so guests can see if there is a response on the laptop screen.
  4. K2 Sessions - A EMF meter is setup with multiple coloured lights on it ranging from Red through orange and yellow to green and questions are asked out to the room and the spirit is asked to light up certain coloured lights in response.
  • The guests will then have a chance to investigate the manor on their own under the watchful eye of the hosts (As The Light Fades)
  • There will be multiple pieces of equipment available from EMF Meters, temperature sensors, audio recorders and environmental meters

Throughout the tour at times guests will be split into smaller groups and will meet back up for bigger experiments.

Forthcoming Dates
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