The Dark Room - A special for GamesAid in partnership with the BFI Certification Unit

The cult hit touring the world since 2012, THE DARK ROOM is the world’s first live-action text-based adventure game! It’s award-winning stand-up comedy wedded to retro video games and fused into a deranged rock n’ roll game show where the audience plays as contestants. 

“NOT TO BE MISSED” - The Guardian

“Don’t miss it.” - The Daily Telegraph

“Hi, I’m Ian, I invented the thing you’re parodying.” - Ian Livingstone

The rules are simple:

1 – Options appear on the screen.

2 – Audience calls out the option they want.

3 – You’re either right, or dead.

4 – In the end, everybody plays!

As seen at Insomnia Gaming Expo, Runefest, EB Games Expo Australia, SFW, UK Games Expo, Soho Theatre, Gameblast, Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - 2017, Underbelly Festival and MCM Comic Con. 

Hosted by John Robertson, a comedian for 15 years, who hosted Videogame Nation on Challenge from 2014 - 16.

★★★★★ Sun

★★★★★ British Comedy Guide

★★★★ Den Of Geek

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