TUESDAY - Girl's Football Club - Open to Y4, Y5 & Y6

Gayhurst Community School, London, E83EN
Tue 10th September 2019

This is a fun and inclusive club that is run by Team Get Involved coaches. This is a chance for children to learn new skills as well as learn to play in a team. This for beginners as well as children who want to try and get into the girl's football squad.

Club Info:

Our after-school clubs take place between 3:45pm and 4:45pm. When the school day finishes, the children with a club that day are taken to one of the school halls to be registered and to have a 15 minute break when they can get changed (if needed) and have some water and a healthy snack. They will be supervised during this time. The person running the club will pick them up from the hall. 

Google map static shot of Gayhurst Community School, London, E83EN
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