I Know You Of Old

Katzpace, London, SE1 1TY
Tue 5th June 2018

Hero is dead. 

The funeral only hours away, those strange circumstances of her sudden expiration hang in the air - are the rumours about Hero to be trusted? The beacon-like coffin attracts three lonely souls: fiancé Claudio, wracked with grief and guilt; cousin Beatrice, acid-tongued, hungry for satisfaction; notorious playboy Benedick, burning for the game, smart-phone clasped close. Desperate to atone and do one last thing for Hero, Claudio focusses on his fellow ghouls - he will bring this prickly pair together. 

Using only Shakespeare's original text, David Fairs re-orchestrates Much Ado About Nothing into this new, alternative dark comedy - a juicy, messy, intimate farce. Benedick and Beatrice are legendary, their intense battles of wit hilarious and sparkling - but slice deeper: is there something rotten at the heart of the Merry War…? 

Google map static shot of Katzpace, London, SE1 1TY
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