International Business Training: Export Documents

Thu 28th September 2017
London Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), London, EC4R 1AP

Poor understanding of international trade procedures often costs time, money and even heavy fines. Over 65% of companies attend training courses because of issues with export documents compliance. This one day export documents course explains all the key requirements when shipping products globally. The content is updated to keep up with the latest industry developments. Key elements of the course can be easily implemented into most business systems, increasing the chances of reducing costs and increasing sales.

This course delivers the complete export business package in all its different aspects, covering the following topics:

  • Explanation of an Export
  • Exporters Responsibilities
  • Incoterms®2010 
  • Export Documentation 
  • Shipping Documents 
  • Country of Origin 
  • Certificate of Origin 
  • Rules of Origin 
  • Export Licence
  • Preferential Trade Documents 
  • Customs Procedure Codes
  • Commodity/Tariff Codes 
  • International Payment
  • BREXIT Impact for Importers and Exporters

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