Flood for the Famine @ Servant Jazz Quarters

Servant Jazz Quarters, London, N16 8JN
Wed 5th April 2017

Flood for the Famine returns to Servant Jazz Quarters as a 5 piece playing their unique blend of folk, blues and soul. Stories of love rub shoulders with the more absurd aspects of city life…small-timers bang on strip club doors demanding their money back, while elsewhere despairing drunks are taken into the loving arms of bouncers.

Alex Lindner - songwriter
Céline Lepicard - cello
Phoebe Garratt - keys/synths
Alex Størksen-Coulson - drums
Jos Slovick - vocals

With support from Oli James

Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio: “Stunning”

Mohadesa Najumi, The Huffington Post: “Incredible! So emotive and passionate… he really captivates audiences with his compelling lyrics.”

Bas Bosboom, Gobsmag: "hugely reminiscent of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and even here and there Tom Waits”

Google map static shot of Servant Jazz Quarters, London, N16 8JN
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