CHRISTMAS BAROQUE by Candlelight - Sat 22 Dec, Southwark

Southwark Cathedral, London, SE1 9DA
Sat 22nd December 2018

Southwark Cathedral

Bring the festive season to a wonderful climax as the London Concertante perform a selection of 17th Century festive classics by musical masters Bach, Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi and Corelli.


Corelli - "Christmas" Concerto
Vivaldi - La Follia
Mozart - Divertimento in D
Haydn - Violin Concerto in C major
Bach - Violin Concerto in A minor
Vivaldi - "Autumn" & "Winter from the Four Seasons

Guest Director/Violin: Ben Norris

Founded in 1991, the ensemble continues to travel up and down Britain, and beyond with tours throughout Europe and the USA.  Recognised for their irresistible musical interpretations and enchanting performance style, it is no surprise that they have continued to find such far reaching support for over 25 years.  Reaching critical acclaim on their numerous recordings, London Concertante have found themselves labelled one of the finest chamber ensembles in Europe.

The programme opens with a Concerto by Corelli, whose original manuscript featured the inscription ‘Made for the Night of Christmas’.  An especially fitting piece for this time of year to help kick off this Christmas Bonanza in true festive style. Accompanying pieces include works by household names of the classical genre: Mozart, Handel and Bach.  As London Concertante present their works to you, they create an aural spectacle in this stunning candlelit venue.  A selection of aptly seasonal movements from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons brings a crisp end to the programme, with aggressive icy bursts and short sharp accompaniment, and the warm, uplifting and optimistic second movement of “Winter.”

If you don’t consider yourself ‘in the know’ about Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach, fear not, this is the orchestra for you. The London Concertante boasts an impressive audience record in which an impressive 50% of spectators are first time classical concert goers! The London Concertante has its audience laughing at jokes, gasping at virtuosity, moved by gorgeous string playing, and leaving with a smile on their faces.

“I have rarely seen more passionate, talented people, yet so down to earth, funny and warm… Thank you for an enchanting evening”  

– A happy audience member (October 2017)

“Really accessible, entertaining and beautiful.” 

– Another happy audience member (November 2017)

“The phrasing had a grace and breadth, the sound a real glow”

– The Independent

Google map static shot of Southwark Cathedral, London, SE1 9DA
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