Wooden Overcoats Christmas Special Live

The Horse & Stables, London, SE1 7RW
Mon 19th December 2016

Wooden Overcoats is a sitcom about two rival funeral parlours on a channel island.

Come watch our Christmas special: Rudyard Ruins Christmas by Tom Crowley and David K. Barnes

After its critically acclaimed first season - available on iTunes - Wooden Overcoats returns for an eagerly anticipated run of brand new episodes - and for five nights only, you can see them performed live, before your very eyes and ears!

Rudyard Funn runs a funeral home in the village of Piffling Vale. He used to run it by himself. He doesn't anymore... Now Rudyard has to share the family business with his sister, the stressed and repressed mortician Antigone Funn. Ably assisted by their savvy dogsbody Georgie Crusoe, and a mouse called Madeleine, can Rudyard and Antigone work together to defeat their gloriously handsome competitor, Eric Chapman?

Performed by the original cast and special guests tbc.

'As good, if not better, than any Radio 4 comedy offering.' Miranda Sawyer, The Observer

'A quietly significant moment in British radio comedy,' The Daily Telegraph

'Inspired comedy' The Times

Wooden Overcoats is available as a podcast. Search on iTunes or your preferred podcast provider, or listen at www.woodenovercoats.com

The Wooden Overcoats Christmas special is a reward for our backers on our Kickstarter camapaign, but for one night only you can enjoy it performed live before your very eyes and then join our cast and crew for some agnostic carols and festive celebration.

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