Producers' Counselling Afternoon

Mon 26th February 2018 - Mon 30th April 2018
The Poetry Café (Basement), London, WC2H 9BX

This is a monthly event aimed at producers and self-producing artists who have specific topics they'd like to discuss, issues they'd like to seek advice on, questions they'd like to ask each other, have news they'd like to share etc in a facilitated group setting led by a senior producer. 

Participants will propose topics in advance, and during the afternoon, they will be able to seek advice from experienced producers and a group of peers, and brainstorm on other topics raised, through a mixture of group discussions and world cafe sessions. 

Although these sessions will last for four hours, participants are invited to drop in and attend for as long as they can, and they are also welcome to attend online via video conferencing (Zoom). 

Anyone working with artists, or artists producing their own work, are welcome to attend. 

Please note that we do not offer 1-to-1 advice sessions for artists during these events; if that is what you are interested in, please email us at to book a session. 

The sessions will be led by Anne-Marie Crowther, Director of PANDA, by Lise Smith and other senior dance producers. 

Google map static shot of The Poetry Café (Basement), London, WC2H 9BX
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