The Process Trilogy

Sun 28th April 2019
Whirled Cinema, London, SE24 0HN
An experimental trilogy of short films exploring how perceptions play into how we view art. Follow three seemingly separate stories: a horror film fan dealing with insomnia and 'another self', an artist struggling with her masterpiece and two clowns who may never find the punchline.

These pieces centre around bittersweet comedy, bleak surrealism and experimental filmmaking and mark the third creative project from ChewBoy Productions; dealing with the fact that ultimately, we always end up back where we started.

Before the screening, you'll be invited to answer a series of questions. We'll then put all the answers into our algorithm, creating a truly individual cut of the films which will be representative of the room's overall worldview, perceptions, personality and feeling on that day.

Got it? Good. Let's see what you're really thinking.

To clarify - we will be screening the full trilogy at each individual screening time, so you will see all 3 films in their entirety no matter which time-slot you book for.
Google map static shot of Whirled Cinema, London, SE24 0HN
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