Gorton monastery gong bath- 15th september 11.30am - 12.30pm

Sun 15th September 2019
This will be held in the 1st floor teaching room. Why not make a day of it with your experience and enjoy the peace gardens with a cup of tea after the sound journey from the Monastery cafe. Accessible to all with free car parking.

The listener only has to let go and let the sound of the gong do the work. The experience is effortless and the results profound. 
Sound Energy Healing is a physical phenomenon based on universal physical and biological principles called Sonic entrainment, where rhythmic vibrations of similar frequencies resonate in unison.
Come and join us for this amazing 1 Hour relaxation.

PLEASE arrive 15 mins early giving you plenty of time to settle. Doors are locked at 11.30am
Please let me know in advance if you are pregnant, have a metal implant (contraceptive coils are fine)  or pacemaker, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, or have any query regarding the suitability of a gong bath for you. 
Bring something comfortable to lay on, your favorite comfort blanket and plenty of drinking water. 
Thank you.
Google map static shot of THE GORTON MONASTERY, Manchester, M12 5WF
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