Paradigm Screenings at The Whitworth presents an Evening of Pina Bausch with Ad Hoc Dance

An Evening in Celebration of Pina Bausch

6pm A Breath with Pina Bausch (Turkey/2004/documentary/41m/Huseyin Karabey)
7pm PINA (Germany/2011/ documentary /99m/Wim Wenders)

WIM WENDERS ON PINA BAUSCH: "There was no hurricane that swept across the stage, there were just ...people performing who moved differently then I knew and who moved me as I had never been moved before. After only a few moments I had a lump in my throat, and after a few minutes of unbelieving amazement I simply let go of my feelings and cried unrestrainedly….Only through Pina's Tanztheater have I learned to value movements, gestures, attitudes, behaviour, body language, and through her work learned to respect them...What treasure lies within our bodies, to be able to express itself without words, and how many stories can be told without saying a single sentence."

A BREATH WITH PINA BAUSCH - A unique record of the visit of legendary German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch & her Tanztheater in 2002 to Istanbul - this visit to the cosmopolitan centre that was home to the Byzantine, Roman and the Ottoman Empires inspired the performance piece A Breath. This near wordless documentary by Hüseyin Karabey provides unprecedented access into the creative process of one of modern dance's most compelling minds. It provides a fascinating backstage look at a work in progress and gives an insight into the creative genius of Bausch, who died in 2009. While pairs of performers dance seemingly improvised sketches, Bausch writes in her notebooks and smokes. The film is a fitting tribute to the twin worlds of rehearsing and performing that make up the lives of dancers and choreographers. Interspersed with the rehearsal scenes is the actual stage work, a performance full of stunningly poetic images that are pure dance.
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