Andreas Tophøj and Rune Barslund

CatStrand, New Galloway, DG7 3RN
Fri 19th July 2019
Danish duo Andreas Tophøj and Rune
Barslund perform with violin, accordion and
viola. The accomplished duo has its roots
in Jutland, Denmark, and emerged from
the folk scene formed around the Academy
of Music in Odense, which until recently
was named after composer and musician
Carl Nielsen. Like the famous composer,
the sound of the duo is closely linked to
the Danish folk tradition, but the two young
musicians also offer a new interpretation
of Danish folk influenced by music from
various countries and traditions.
The duo draws on a wide range of
inspiration gained from residing in Ireland
and the US and from encounters with
Celtic and Nordic musicians and musical
cultures. Accordingly, the repertoire of
the duo is based on a compelling musical
melting pot of original compositions.
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