CatStrand Youth Players

CatStrand, New Galloway, DG7 3RN
Fri 14th June 2019

CatStrand Youth Players present a night of comedy. 

We’ll Be Home Tomorrow
by Wayne Denfhy

A wryly observed comedy on everyday
family life. As summer holidays approach,
the family have to decide where to go for
their annual break. We follow them as
they ‘enjoy’ their summer break, some of
the scenes will definitely be recognisable
to many and evoke memories of past
family holidays!

Cinderella, the Sequel
by Isabella C. Rae

A more boisterous comedy taking a
hilarious look at the not so ‘happy
ever after’ life of Cinderella and Prince
Charming! After 10 years of marriage,
Cinderella is revealed in her true colours
– a clothesaholic, granny-bashing,
husband-beater!! Cinders is constantly
giving the wimpish Prince a hard time and
comparing him to the more macho Buttons
who has become a very successful multi-
millionaire hotelier. Once again the Fairy
Godmother appears and works her magic
to wreak revenge on Cinderella
Google map static shot of CatStrand, New Galloway, DG7 3RN
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