FILM: Mountain

CatStrand, New Galloway, DG7 3RN
Tue 24th September 2019
Narrated by Willem Dafoe, Mountain
is an exploration of our obsession with
high places and how they have come
to capture our imagination. Only three
centuries ago, climbing a mountain would
have been considered close to lunacy. The
idea scarcely existed that wild landscapes
might hold any sort of attraction. Peaks
were places of peril, not beauty.

A rich soundscape and soaring score
from the Australian Chamber Orchestra
combine with the visual rapture of high
places and the long lingering gaze of
someone intimately aware of how light
in the mountains can melt and shift in
moments. There are some ravishing
sequences in Mountain, with some of
the best cinematographers in the world
contributing to this love- song to the
wilderness and questioning of man’s
relationship with the natural world.
Google map static shot of CatStrand, New Galloway, DG7 3RN
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