Background People

Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4HP
Sun 29th July 2018

Martha Pailing presents Background People

When: Sunday 29th July 2018
Show begins: 
Pay What You Feel 
Age recommendation: 

A one woman show of spoken word, live art and short stories unashamedly celebrating human messiness and commitment; created by Roundhouse Resident Artist Martha Pailing.

A northern born spoken word artist and performance maker with a background in theatre and live art, Martha resides between Blackpool and London. Her works blend autobiographical material with fantasy, delving into emotions, concepts, people and places that excite and frustrate.

Martha's work talks about the tiny things. The teeny tiny details that make up an hour, a day, a week, our entire lives. For it is the small and seemingly insignificant moments that often determine the fantastically huge events.

In doing so, her work interrogates everyday actions, points fingers at supposed cultural norms and brushes shoulders with the political. Martha aims to generate conversation, and, most integral for her practice, find a home for empathy.

Martha's work has been presented at the Peopling the Palace Festival, Hackney Showroom, the Royal Court and Background People has sold out at the Roundhouse.

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