Bacon Knees & Sausage Fingers

Alphabetti Theatre in partnership with TheWorriers & Co presents
Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers

A meeting between two social outsiders spawning a bizarre new friendship.

When: Friday 1st – Saturday 23rd February 2019 (excluding Sundays & Mondays)
Show Begins: 7.30pm
Tickets: Pay What You Feel RESERVE ONLINE NOW
Age Recommendation: 14+

Back due to popular demand following the sell out run in 2016 at Alphabetti Theatre. 

Winner of the Experimenting with Form Award (British Theatre Guide 2016)
"How pretentious does that sound? Sometimes, however, a piece comes along that pushes the envelope, not in terms of content or theme but of the actual structure of the play, not just playing with the form for playing’s sake but manipulating it successfully to deepen our understanding of the content. It doesn’t happen often but it did this year; hence my invention of this new category. That play was Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers by Gary Kitching and Steve Byron at Alphabetti in October. " Peter Lathan - Full review (

Bacon Knees has always been fast. His parents were very proud. They would watch him running around the garden in circles for hours on end. In 1989 he found his calling…Crufts was on TV. 27 years later and Bacon Knees finds himself on his home track – the High Level Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne - up against a new opponent...

“Can I ask why you have bacon on your knees?
Why do you have bacon on your knees?
Sports Equipment.
Can I ask you what sport?
What sport?
Dog Racing.”

Bacon Knees & Sausage Fingers is a harrowing, heart-warming and hilarious play written and performed by Gary Kitching and Steve Byron, directed by Ali Pritchard; it tells the tale of a meeting between two social outsiders and their new bizarre friendship.

Bacon Knees & Sausage Fingers came out of an Alphabetti Theatre 24 Hour Challenge in May 2015, when Gary and Steve wrote a play in 24 hours reacting to stimuli provided by Ali. Following that the three of them worked on the piece and performed it to sell out audience in October 2016. From there The Worriers Theatre company was formed winning awards in 2017 and 2018. 

Here was the fact that started this journey:

“In 1849, a week after opening the High Level Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Geordies worked out that it was exactly the same length as a dog track, and with raised pavements either side, they had the perfect viewing terraces. Within a week the bridge was closed to traffic by hundreds of people flocking to the bridge, closing it off to race their dogs.”

Since developing the play we may have discovered that Ali’s source could be slightly historically questionable/creatively embellished… but still an excellent nugget of inspiration to create Bacon Knees & Sausage Fingers.

Creative Team:

Written and Performed by Gary Kitching & Steve Byron
Directed by Ali Pritchard
Designed by James Pickering

Thanks to support of Arts Council England Alphabetti and The Worriers are commissioning 3 emerging artists to create reaction pieces to be performed after the main show. 

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