The Rooms

The Rooms is a harrowing and chilling immersive promenade production created for Halloween made up of three short plays situated in three rooms not normally accessible to the public, in the depths of Alphabetti Theatre – underneath the old Odeon Cinema.

Paper Walls written by Nina Berry

Directed by Lee Rosher

Performed by Arabella Arnott

Mary is trapped, with thoughts that aren't hers. A truth buried beneath false stories and harsh punishment. She knows the answer is somewhere, and if these walls could talk...they'd tell everyone.

Dreaming is Free written by Michael Brown

Directed by Matt Jamie

Performed by Jessica Johnson


I do not remember getting to this room. Just waking up in bed with my kind friend sat in that chair. He was very sad and told me it was too dangerous to live with him anymore. It would not be safe to leave the room until he said so. I was desperate to get out to see the moon and Workshop Room 1 websitestars….

But he brought them to me.

Meat Factory by David Raynor

Directed by Ali Pritchard

Performed by Rosie Stancliffe

Here at Quick N Easy Meat Based Products Ltd there are no problems, only opportunities. Come and look around...taste the future.'

Capacity is limited – booking is essential.

Please be advised that this a promenade production, where audiences will be watching the show on their feet.

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