Cinematic Inclusions: Part III – I Had Nowhere to Go + Q&A

Star And Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1BB
Sun 10th March 2019
Douglas Gordon film ''I Had Nowhere To Go'', 2016 a sound-based portrait of Jonas Mekas, Lithuanian-born American filmmaker who was often called "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema."  Based on the novel "I had nowhere to go" by Lithuanian cinema legend Jonas Mekas, who recently passed away. Martin Scorsese said once: "Jonas Mekas is the one that gave me the desire and strength to be a director...'.

The twentieth century has produced millions of refugees, exiles, and stateless, displaced persons.
Some of them eventually settle down and grow new roots; others continue traveling, waiting, dreaming of returning home.
This is a first hand account of the life, thoughts and feelings of a displaced person. It's a painful record of one person's experiences in a Nazi Forced Labor camp; five years in displaced persons camps; and the first years as a young Lithuanian immigrant in New York City.
"Jonas Mekas' diaries have an aching honesty, puckish humor and quiet nobility of character. About the early years of this seminal avant-garde filmmaker will discover here a much more universal story: that of the emigrant who can never go back, and whose solitariness in the New World is emblematic of the human condition.
The sections is set in New York City convey the rapture and loneliness of a young man who has just escaped the worst nightmare of the twentieth century, only to discover the lesson of what Freud called 'ordinary unhappiness' in the great metropolis.
Google map static shot of Star And Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1BB
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