Go For It Baby! (Zur Sache, Schätzchen) + shorts & introduction by Bernhard Marsch

Star And Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1BB
Fri 2nd August 2019
Dir: May Spils, 1968, Ger, 80 min, DVD, cert U, English Subs
Fri 2 August // 19:30 / Cinema
Tickets: £7/5

+ short films & introduction by Bernhard Marsch

Martin, a bohemian who earns his living as a commercial songwriter in Munich’s arty Schwabing district, believes in the right to be lazy. At a public swimming pool on his birthday, he meets Barbara, a young woman from a wealthy family. They go to the zoo, where he kidnaps a goat kid, and he invites her home that evening to show off his flip-book. “Making out” is as much a part of his eloquently expressed pseudo-philosophy, in which imagination counts for more than experience, as the fatalistic adage, “it’s going to end badly”. And, indeed – after witnessing a burglary, Martin himself comes under suspicion …

In her enormously successful comedy, director May Spils proffers Werner Enke’s character as an alternative model to the traditional “male archetype”, who displays traits of the “Great Refusal” delineated by 60s-era philosopher Herbert Marcuse. That applies to the relationship between the sexes as well, as evidenced when Martin, during small talk with Barbara, asks in all innocence “are you even in a position to support me?” While feminists in the United States were busy burning their bras, in Go for It, Baby, it was the men’s trousers that were going up in flames.

Film will be introduced by Bernhard Marsch from Cologne, who is a filmmaker and part of Cologne Group which is a loose filmmaking collective. He is also a film programmer at Filmclub 813 – a cinema that is part of Kino Climates – European network of independent cinemas, distributors and festivals. Bernhard is a personal friend of director May Spils and actor Werner Enke who stars the film.

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