Gruffalo goes to the Dentist

Cosy Hall, Newport, TF10 7LD
Tue 30th July 2019
Poor old Gruffalo has toothache. Can the Pyjama Drama gang get him to the dentist to get his teeth sorted so he can use his loud roar again ? And why is mouse so keen to help ?
This 55 minute imaginary interactive performance is jam-packed with music , song, drama games and interactive adventures where the audience become the stars. One talented performer will get the children involved in the story from the word go. They'll sing, dance, take on different roles and do lots and lots of pretending. Through sharing their ideas and interpretations the story really could go anywhere.

We don't need props and costumes we only need our imaginations.
Interactive performance for 3-7 years

For more info visit the website or Facebook page.
Google map static shot of Cosy Hall, Newport, TF10 7LD
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