Wed 1st November 2017
Ards Arts Centre, Town Hall, Newtownards, BT23 4NP

Lives in Translation is a poignant new drama about one woman's courage, strength and tenacity as she flees the conflict of her home town and arrives as an asylum seeker in Ireland.

Communicating through translators, she becomes trapped in the suffocating bureaucracy surrounding immigration and so begins a different kind of struggles...

Written by Rosemary Jenkinson and based on interviews with female Somali refugees, Kabosh's newest production celebrates the human survival instinct whilst bringing to life the struggles of war and the challenges asylum seekers face to be heard and understood.

Directed by Paula McFetridge, the performance follows a ten-year journey through Mogadishu, Dublin, Belfast and London, as one woman fights for a life free from constant fear and a place to make home.

Designed by Liz Cullinane and Stuart Marshall with video desgin by Conan McIvor and original music by Donal O'Connor.

1 hour performance followed by post show discussion

Produced by Kabosh; Written by Rosemary Jenkinson; Directed by Paula McFetridge

Google map static shot of Ards Arts Centre, Town Hall, Newtownards, BT23 4NP
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