Thetford Players 'Doggonit'

Sat 27th April 2019
Fulmerston Church, Norfolk, IP24 3BG
Thetford Players Youth presents Dggonit!

Dogs, of course, can talk – but only to each other. The exception is Dakota – a dog trained to speak in secret by her owner, Caitlin. But this leads to trouble for them both after a disturbance at Ms Nancy’s School of Dog Obedience, leading to an encounter with the sinister Dr Live – a wicked scientist with a mission to create the perfect dog.

Every dog has his day!

2.30pm (doors open 2pm) - 4pm
5.30pm (doors open 5pm) - 7pm

Tickets £5
Google map static shot of Fulmerston Church, Norfolk, IP24 3BG
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