Personalities - Harlekin Studio Opera

Sat 4th May 2019
The Exchange, North Shields, NE30 1SE
Harlekin Studio Opera bring their debut performance to The Exchange. It's going to be massive!

In the vibrant bohemian town of Nacht, there are many people whose personalities spill so far out of their bodies that for poor Sarastro, former consort to the Queen, every day feels like a struggle to fit in. Desperately trying to do the best for his children, Sarastro is trapped in a world that he doesn’t understand. It doesn’t help that power hungry socialite Elettra has gotten involved and put him at the head of a republican military government that threatens to wipe out the very essence of this big-top dreamland.

A clown, a fortune teller, competing leading ladies and even Norma Desmond (the former trapeze artist who could still do the entire routine if she wanted to thank you very much!) must fight for the right of self-expression or be assimilated by bureaucracy.

Through an amalgamation of favourite Opera Choruses and Arias, with a few lighter numbers mixed in, this community company tells an abstract tale of love, war, despair and ultimately forgiveness.

With large scale puppetry and singers from all walks of life, this premiere performance will leave you dazzled, bewildered and begging for more.
Google map static shot of The Exchange, North Shields, NE30 1SE
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