The Redundant Blade

Fri 17th May 2019
The Exchange, North Shields, NE30 1SE
The Redundant Blade was written as a tribute to the late Tom Hadaway who I knew when I served my time as a fish filleter on North Shields fish quay in 1971 as a fifteen year old. The play focuses on the Rutter Family on what was then called the Ridges Estate. Da Rutter Played by (Stephen Heanan) has been out of work for two years when the introduction of a filleting machine made his job as a filleter obsolete and he makes his way in life doing the odd bit of fiddle work to supplement his benefits from the social security. Ma’ Rutter (Stephanie Cupbello) struggles to feed her six children and hold the family together. Davy  (Tom Hewitt) her son has followed his father onto North Shields fish quay as a deckhand onboard the Northern Light, a trawl vessel. Alice (Jasmine Crichton)  the oldest daughter is musically gifted and writes poetry. She has dreams of going to university and escaping the poverty that she finds herself in. Tensions rise in the household when Ethel Lowry (Kathleen Latimore) reports the family to the council. This get worse when Da’ a staunch Labour party supporter discovers that his son has voted for Margaret Thatcher’s Government. The play is set during the Miner’s strikes of 1984. This historical comedy drama was hailed by Mary Glindon MP who came to see it and said “ The Redundant Blade is a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia, one minute I was laughing the next crying. It is a marvellous piece of writing by a local man and should be seen by everyone.’
About the author – Terry Patterson went to Ralph Gardner high school and left school at the age of 15 years of age. Bullied at school because of his disability, he had wear a calliper from a very early age (Claw foot). In 1965 Terry Joined North Shields Boys Club to learn the noble art of boxing under the tutorage of Joe Myers a black ex-professional boxer. It was a career that was to last  22 years and was an advanced ABA Coach. Terry won many honours and boxed as an international with over 200  bouts under his belt. He even fought a couple of bare knuckle fights.
An industrial accident ended his career in 1986. He went to North Tyneside college to gain an education, taking English/ literature, fine art and design A level, sociology, psychology, and history. Not to be deterred Terry took up another sport (Snooker) and won the Disabled Sport England area snooker title five years consecutively. In 1992 he qualified as a English Billiards and Snooker referee and then went on to referee professionally at the PIOS tournaments held in Prestatyn in Wales. In 1997 Terry got his England call up to referee the Maltese open in Valetta. In 2002 Terry became the first disabled player from North Tyneside to hold the World Professional Snooker Coaching badge when he went down to the Sheffield Academy and passed the rigorous course . From a very early age Terry use to like to write and would spend many hours on the Library Stairs in North Shields writing poetry and short stories. Tom Hadaway told him he had talent for writing and he never forgot. To date Terry has written 49 books that can all be read on (free). He is very passionate about the north east and its history. He has been called the male version of Catherine Cookson by many of his readers. Terry Joined a playwrights workshop in 2017 under the tutorage of well known dramatist Peter Mortimer who has guided Terrys writing. In May 2018 Terry staged his first production at Percy Park Rugby Club over three evenings and received three standing ovations. From there The Redundant Blade has been shown at the Cluny in Byker and at the Library in North Shields. In May 2019 see’s his play come to The exchange in North Shields.
Google map static shot of The Exchange, North Shields, NE30 1SE
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