Jill Stanton-Huxton & Clare Thompson - Being A Children's Book Author - Festival of Books

Sat 11th May 2019
Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust, Northampton, NN4 8AW
Jill Stanton-Huxton could often be found as a child sitting in a quiet, shady part of the garden reading books, writing stories and poems, engrossed in her own fantasy world. She imagined when she was a ‘grown up’ she would be a spy or private investigator, travelling the world on exciting adventures! In her teenage years she had slightly more realistic ambitions and wanted to be a reporter for the local newspaper, but for various reasons, sadly, this didn’t happen, and she ended up with a more conventional career in commercial librarianship.

Finally, in 2010 Jill had the opportunity to work part-time so she enrolled on the Open University creative writing course and a few years later she was awarded the Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing. After that she had several pieces of writing published and then in May 2012 she had her first ‘proper’ article published in the Countryman magazine. It was about her grandparent’s award-winning dairy farm during the Second World War and she was ‘over the moon’.

Jill is now a full-time Freelance Writer and Children’s Author and works from home. Since that article in the Countryman she has won the Buckinghamshire Family History Society Alan Dell Memorial Award 2013 for an article about her Great Uncles in the First World War. She has won three writing competitions and has been a runner up in two, and has also had non-fiction articles, short stories and poems published in magazines, local newspapers and online.

Finally, in February 2018 Jill had her debut children’s book ‘Harvey and the Moon Bus’ (for ages 5-7 years) published.

It’s a beautifully-illustrated story about anthropomorphic animals who have a fantasy adventure together. The book has an underlying theme and moral message which is the importance of helping people and is the first in a series of planned ‘Harvey’ books. The inspiration for the book came from Jill’s beautiful and charismatic Norwegian Forest Cat, Macavity.

Clare Thompson is a brand new children’s author and mum of two. Her first children’s book, Noah's Shark, is available to buy on Amazon and in local retail establishments.

She will be talking with Jill Stanton-Huxton on Saturday morning about "Being a Children's Author".
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