Tamsin Winter - Writing for Tweens - Festival of Books

Ever since Tamsin Winter was a little girl, she’s always loved writing stories and poems. One of her earliest memories is sitting at her grandfather's old typewriter bashing the keys with her clumsy fingers, trying (and failing) to write without making any mistakes.

Tamsin loves reading books because they are like little bits of paper magic. They can take you places far away, make you laugh, make you cry, make you scared, make you love and hate the world, and ultimately teach... you to believe in happy endings, or at least stop you watching too much TV, which is sort of the same thing.

Reading books was enormously important to Tamsin growing up. She read about all the important stuff adults never talked to her about. She learnt about the difficult things in life, but she learnt about the awesome stuff too.

Tamsin hopes you enjoy reading her books, and that somewhere inside the pages you feel something, if not exactly magic, then something real. Because that's what her stories are about.

Tamsin will be speaking on Sunday about 'Writing For Tweens'.
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