Cafe Scientifique at Bardon Mill

Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall, Northumberland, NE47 7dx
Tue 8th January 2019 - Tue 5th November 2019

Tickets £5 - includes tea/coffee & cake/biscuits
Licensed bar available - charges apply
Doors open 6.45pm.

Tuesday 5th March
The Solar System - an interactive tour through the Solar System with Emma Guerrero. Emma is a space enthusiast and regularly gives talks to people both young and old

Tuesday 7th May
Adventures in Tea Chemistry with Dr Iain Cloughley
Replacing the myth & mystique with Science & Technology. A look at how modern scientific methods & instrumentation to improve yield, quality & the value of tea has contributed to the economy in Central Africa & Malawi. Dr Iain Cloughley is a Pharmaceutical Chemist and has worked in R&D for many organisations around the world.

Tuesday 2nd July
Light based cancer treatments. Skin, head, neck and beyond with Dr Sam Whitehouse
Light based treatments have been used for skin diseases for decades but are often used sparingly and can cause side effects and huge problems for patients. LightOx has a simple premise, develop and activate a drug using light and target this towards cancerous cells. Throughout the last decade we have developed compounds that can kill targeted cells in this way, and now we look to bring these to clinic.
This talk will introduce some fundamentals, development and explore the opportunities for light based treatments and their use in the medical field and beyond. Sam Whitehouse has a backround in chemistry and molecular biology and is an experienced executive working in innovative research foccused companies and has been instrumental in bringing a range of innovative products to market.

Tuesday 3rd September
Healthy Ageing with Dr Spencer Boyle
An interactive talk on what activities and exercise can help through the life course. Dr Boyle is a senior lecturer in sport at Northumberland University, has published many articles and is currently part of the Exercise is Medicine network.

Tuesday 5th November
An Ocean of Plastics: what is the problem, is there a solution? with Keith Buchanan
Keith has worked on biological expeditions & led wildlife watching groups around the world. He considers the growing evidence that plastics pose a huge threat to ocean wildlifeand perhaps ourselves?

Google map static shot of Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall, Northumberland, NE47 7dx
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