Vinny Peculiar

Having resided in the North West for  many years, gigging all over the UK and releasing numerous albums, Vinny Peculiar [Alan Wilkes] decided to return home to his native Worcestershire a few years ago - and his latest record [Return Of The Native] reflects this.

Described in the press as 'an under sung national treasure' [UNCUT] - 'a warm hearted Morrisey' [Q Magazine] and 'the missing link between Jarvis Cocker and Roger McGough' [Irish Times] - Vinny's style is engaging, self deprecating, and quintessentially English - with each tune stuffed to the gills with tunesmithery and eccentricity, clever, funny and wonderfully weird maybe even a little peculiar.

Tickets £8 - on the door tickets @ £15.

Promoted by SABADO NFP a small low key not for profit organisation - all monies taken from ticket sales going to the artist.
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