Hayseed Dixie

Hayseed Dixie is an American bluegrass band formed in Tennessee in 2000. Their first album, A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC. The band performs bluegrass cover versions of hard rock songs in a musical genre the band calls “rockgrass”. The band’s name is a linguistic play on the name of the band AC/DC.

Hayseed Dixie plays hard rock and bluegrass music on electrified bluegrass instruments. The band has released 15 studio albums and played over 1,300 live dates in 31 different countries since its inception in 2000.

Upon the release of the debut album, A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC, on April 17, 2001, which consisted of acoustic hillbilly-styled reworkings of AC/DC songs, Hayseed Dixie received considerable morning-show radio airplay in the US, selling over 250,000 albums in the US from 2001 to 2003. The band toured the US club and festival circuit extensively during that time. In March 2003, the band had 3 different albums in the Top 15 in the bluegrass category of the US Billboard charts at the same time. Western Europe, however, has shown the group the most enduring appreciation.

Since 2001, the band has produced 14 further themed albums in the “rockgrass” style, composed of both hillbilly-esque reworkings of classic rock songs and original material which is mainly satirical in nature.

Hayseed Dixie has performed at major European folk and rock music festivals, including an appearance opening the main stage at Glastonbury in 2005. In September 2005 they held their own festival, called Loopallu, in the small coastal town of Ullapool, Scotland, which has since become an annual event, though they are no longer involved with it.

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