Space Rocks - NG14 THEATRE CO.

Classic sci-fi meets contemporary panto in this sparkling new comedy epic for the stage.

Out of fuel and stranded in deep space the galaxy’s most dashing bounty hunter (Dex Steadfast) and the crew of the Star Freighter Karura contemplate their doom. Until, that is, a passing ship radios in to offer rescue.

Uh-oh. The Karura’s mysterious saviour is none other than Sporg Mortis, supreme commander of the Dark Scourge, a terrifying force intent on conquering the galaxy. In exchange for fixing the Karura (and not brutally murdering its crew) Mortis makes Dex an offer he can’t refuse. Seek out and bring him a missing princess.

A princess that will give Mortis control of the galaxy …

Join Dex, Zurk, Shelly Nubos, Zoid-47X and Fuzzbuk in a crazy gallop across the galaxy – packed with spacetastic gags and a score of brilliant, rib-tickling songs.

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